I - 10 Invasion

Last week we sent some of the squad over to Tally to see what the locals there had cooked up.

They got to check out the #tallyDIY and meet up with some heavy hitters for some brews and some laughs. A word of advice to the Jax locals, don't sleep on Tally those fools know whats good. 

Check out this little trip clip we put together to get a taste of what you missed if you didn't get to join in.

Don't miss the damn Samsquatch Eric Haddock, Resident Block Vegan Greg Harbor, and Local Legend Mike Funk ripping Tally park and their DIY under the bridge, shout out to Bold City for keeping the joints lubed and helping them fight Carthritis. 

Also big ups to Charles Porter who's killer nollie flip hill bomb solidified him as MVP of this mini trip.